Shady Forces: Peter Sutherland

Peter Sutherland

The thing that differentiates globalism from other international political doctrines is that it is not natural, it is in fact a man-made occurrence often pursued against the best interests of the people. When such unnatural forces do occur, there are always the shady characters driving it or, holding the puppet strings, if you like. Peter Sutherland is the worst kind of globalist shady characters.

Peter Sutherland currently occupies the role of Special Envoy for International Migration to the United Nations. He has used – and abused – this role to essentially propagate Cultural Marxism as if he were a spokesman for the Frankfurt School himself, making it his sole purpose to undermine the cultural and ethnic structures of European nation states. In his role as Special Envoy on migration, he has created the Global Forum on Migration and Development, a department designed to implement the United Nations’ doctrine of replacement migration, as per their report published in 2000. This document that Sutherland’s department is implementing proposes the idea that European nations must replace their current population with third world immigrants, in order to compensate for declining birth rates. It is part of the UN Agenda 21 (or 2030) for sustainable development, which is a major step towards supranational world government, under which native Europeans have no place. There is no mention of Africa, Asia or South America needing to become more ‘diverse’, only nations with a majority European population. Sutherland himself does not try to hide that this is his purpose in life, as can be seen in a tweet written by him only this week where he smugly claims that ‘Refugees are the future of German economic growth’, using a report produced by his friends at the International Monetary Fund to back this up. In fact, a quick look at his twitter feed will show that he is totally dedicated to destroying the ethnic and social fabric of our great continent.

Before we look any further at Mr Sutherland, here are a few quotes from the horses’ mouth:

“We still nurse a sense of homogeneity and difference from others, and that’s precisely what the European Union should be doing its best to undermine” – Peter Sutherland, advocating social/ethnic engineering of the worst kind.

“Governments have to lead by giving the news that migrants (3rd world) are good for a community” – Peter Sutherland, advocating manipulating the press to hide the fact that many 3rd world migrants rape and assault native Europeans at will.

“National Sovereignty is an illusion, a mere shibboleth that must be done away with” – Peter Sutherland, talking more bollocks.

There should be “a shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states” – Peter Sutherland, who apparently doesn’t understand international law.

“Future prosperity of many European nations depends upon them becoming multicultural” – Peter Sutherland, ensuring that you will be multicultural, if you like it or not.

It is quite clear that this man is an enemy of the European people. His policies of mass migration and cultural destruction will have dire consequences, as he is seemingly ignoring the fact that many of these immigrants to Europe in recent months have raped native European girls  as young as 10, sodomised young boys, sexually assaulted and robbed European women en masse, killed volunteer workers and engaged in mass public disturbances in many major cities.

When we look at the background of Sutherland, what we find is not in the least bit surprising. He has the typical CV of a rootless international hyena, with fingers in all the right – or wrong – pies. As we go through his life, we see the same old signs: failed politician, big-business interests, unelected position with the EU and so on.

Peter Sutherland is a barrister by profession and was educated at the University College Dublin. He is the former Attorney General or the Republic of Ireland, holding this position from 1981-84. He was also associated with the Europhile, centre-right Fine Gael party of Ireland, standing in the 1973 general election for the Dublin North-West constituency seat, but he failed to get elected.

Sutherland was appointed the EU Commissioner for (market) Competition in 1985, working under the unelected Euro-maniac Jacques Delors (associated with the French Socialist Party),the then president of the EU Commission and the very same Delors who presided over the hated Maastricht Treaty that formalised the creation of the European Union in 1992. As an EU Commissioner, Sutherland was instrumental in the extending the reach of the EU power into every aspect of our lives.

Sutherland left the EU Commission in 1989, taking up the role of Director-General of the World Trade Organisation between 1993-95. Once again, this is another international organisation that Sutherland has worked for, despite not having the apparent political/economic experience to do so. He was later credited with being the ‘founding father of globalisation’ by US Trade Minister Mickey Kantor. Sutherland worked in his role to create a global trade regime designed to keep the average man in his place and ensure that the big corporations rule the world.

Since leaving his post with the WTO, Sutherland has had numerous roles in the business world that will not surprise many. Between 1995 and 2015, he served as a non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs, the very same Goldman Sachs benefitting from the poverty and starvation of the bankrupt Greek nation and who are funding the ‘Stronger In’ campaign in the British EU referendum. He also served as a director of the Royal Bank of Scotland, until he was dismissed by the British government who had to save the bank from bankruptcy, an event which Sutherland’s directorship contributed towards. Peter Sutherland has also served on numerous international committees and organisations, such as the European Round Table of Industrialists, the Trilateral Commission, European Movement Ireland, Chair of the London School of Economics, UN Industrial Development Organisation, Hong Kong Council of International Advisers and he was the Chairman of AIB (Allied Irish Banks).

His whole career stinks of opportunism and disgraceful contempt for the great mass of the people, but worst of all, Sutherland was on the steering committee of the international Bilderberg Group until May 2014, presiding over the agenda of the annual meetings of the group with the ability to influence the most powerful politicians and CEOs of the world. Where do you think the ‘migrant crisis’ started?

If you haven’t heard of the Bilderberg Group before, or do not know what it’s all about, then you haven’t been paying attention. The Bilderberg Group is an organisation founded in secret after World War 2 that brings together Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Presidents, CEOs and more, from the biggest nations of Western Europe as well as from the USA, also in secret. Their agenda is secret, no minutes are taken from the meetings, no press are permitted to report on the meetings, no member is permitted to quote from conversations at the meetings, and all members are obliged to implement decisions taken at the meetings in their domestic or corporate policy making. This is not conspiracy, this is the reality of how little democratic power you, the ordinary people, really have. The all-seeing pyramid of freemasonry rises behind these people, presiding over the mass of the people.

So, as we can see, Peter Sutherland is a typical hyena. He has a similar CV to all the rest of the international clique who steer the occidental nations in the direction of their choosing, regardless of the will of the people. He is the same as George Soros, Tony Blair et al, helping to design war, migration and the economy of the entire world.

A swine like Sutherland is no friend to the people. Him and his friends are the antithesis of everything we are, and everything our forefathers fought to preserve. They hate us, they hate our way of life and they will do everything they can to undermine it. They support the banks, the big business and the debt slavery of nations, and even the end of nationhood as we know it.

What do we say to a man like that?

JW. C (@RightWingJW)

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  1. lut lefever · · Beantwoorden

    Hier is zeker geen democratie veel zaken maken dit heel duidelijk ik hoop dat die eu zo vlug mogelijk uiteen valt en dat zwijnekop ookooveral waar hij zich moeit niks anders dan miserie voor het volk weg ermee

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