Österreich: Far-Right President?

Norbert Hofer

Today (22nd May 2016) marks the second and final round of the Austrian presidential elections, and to the delight of many, the media are having a fit. This is because the frontrunner in said elections is none other than Norbert Hofer, running as a candidate for the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) who the mainstream commentators describe as ‘far-right’. Which is better, the media having kittens or a far-right candidate gaining power, is still up for debate.

In this instance, there is some context that must be observed initially before we get onto the reasoning behind this presumptive election of Norbert Hofer.

Firstly, this is not a mass spontaneous outpouring of radical anti-establishment sentiment as the media would like to portray. No, in fact the FPÖ have held power in Austria, serving in a coalition with one of the mainstream centre-right parties between 2000 and 2005. Since European nations opened their borders to the third world circa 1995, many Austrians have become uneasy about the changing face of their society, and rightly so. Since this period, the FPÖ have done well in the polls.

Secondly, the FPÖ are not a bunch of untamed Nazis as the morons at the BBC would like you to believe. They operate under the ideology of National Conservatism, similar to the French Front National or the UK Independence Party, somewhat similar to the Alternate Right movement in the USA. The FPÖ are socialists with a very small ‘s’, in that they support the welfare state, but they are also in favour of free-enterprise and privatisation. They push the theory of Heimat which loosely means ‘homeland’, supposing (rightly) that Austria has a particular ethnic, cultural and linguistic identity that is being eroded by mass-immigration. The party recognises the dangers of Islam and are considered to be ‘anti-Islam’, a mainstream media term for those who don’t wish to live under Sharia. Finally, the FPÖ are eurosceptics. They opposed Austria joining the EU in 1994 and also support retaining the Austrian shilling which has been replaced by the Euro. They oppose Turkey’s ascension to the EU.

The party previously had a Pan-Germanic policy, advocating the idea that Austria and Germany were as one in terms of ethnic and cultural identity, but they have since replaced this with an individual Austrian identity.

The third bit of context that is most crucial to this election is the role of the President of Austria. In theory, Austria is a federal republic with a semi-presidential system, but in practise the role of president is largely ceremonial, with the government acting under a more standard parliamentary system. The president has the power to invite the party leader of his choosing to form a government from the National Council (legislative), as well as the power to accept or reject cabinet members, supreme court judges, military officers and high-level bureaucrats. The President of Austria is also the commander-in-chief of the Austrian armed forces.

But, perhaps most controversially, the president has the power to dissolve the National Council if he/she sees fit. The Austrian constitution is not totally clear on this, but the president must give a reason if he/she decides to dissolve parliament. This is controversial because Norbert Hofer has indicated he is prepared to exercise this power, something that is relatively unheard of in modern times. The president also has the power to rule by decree in times of crisis, which would come in very handy should the migrant crisis flare up once more this summer, if Herr Hofer has the courage to do this.

So, why have Austria decided to turn to the far-right?

There is a very simple answer to this, but you will never hear the media admit this. The BBC and the other news networks will say that the refugee crisis has provoked an unleashing of some hidden xenophobia, or that the people are in some way frightened of progressive ideas.

The truth however, is that the Austrian people have given the mainstream parties the chance to do the right thing since 1945, but time and again they have been let down. The people are now seeing that globalisation and the new world order are not good for them, and are realising that the far-right, although vilified in the press, have the right ideas. All they have gained from the moderates is mass-immigration, cultural assassination, the EU and being ripped off for the privilege of these disasters.

What we are now seeing in Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Greece and now Austria, is the people are starting to see the truth about globalisation and its unholy institutions, such as the EU, and are beginning to ignore the propaganda forced on them by the global media. They are seeing that the EU does not create jobs, immigrants do not contribute to the economy, Islam is not ‘enriching’ and that the mainstream politicians do not act in the best interests of the country.

Europe is waking up to the false narrative of the mainstream elite. The people are realising that the internationalist policies of the powers-that-be do not place the native anywhere but last. Most importantly, they are realising that the nationalist/nativist concepts of those whom the media ridicule, are in fact common sense, and the international hyenas have deceived them for 71 years.

By this time tomorrow, pistol-packing nationalist Norbert Hofer will be the most powerful man in Austria, and I for one cannot wait!


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